6 Tips to Self-Edit Your Dissertation

  • Don’t edit while you are working on the paper: It is always a good idea to keep the editing for the last part while working on your dissertation. This means that you will have to keep some time after you complete your dissertation for its editing. Make sure that you leave out at least 3 days to a week for editing your document.
  • Consider it as part of self-evaluation: During the first round of editing, you are likely to find many grammatical and mechanical errors in your document. Correct them as much as you can, but make sure that your sole focus is not only on the language of your dissertation but also the way you have structured those arguments. You can also choose to ignore the grammatical part in the beginning and focus instead on how you are spacing out the arguments, such as whether you need more sub-sections or eliminate the redundant ones.
  • Know your University’s requirements: Self-editing gives you a chance to go through your whole dissertation once again before its submission. It is a good time to go over your University’s guidelines once again to make note of the formatting requirements (such as font, font size, line spacing, etc.), style of language prescribed (UK or British English, etc.), prescribed citation styles (MLA, CMOS, APA style guide, etc.). Universities either have a detailed set of guidelines to be followed or they suggest a generally preferred style guide. It is significant that you read over the prescribed style guide to incorporate changes accordingly as you edit your dissertation.
  • Edit in sections: Once you have made sure that the overall organizational structure of your dissertation is commendable, move on to focus on smaller sections. You could start from the beginning or choose a particular chapter or section and do a line-by-line reading of your document. This is when you would discover and weed out most of the errors in your document. The tips for conducting in-depth editing of your dissertation are provided below.

6 Tips for Self-editing your Dissertation

We are providing you with a list of 6 pointers that will help you self-edit your dissertation.

  1. One Word at a Time

Let’s Sum Up

This blog has outlined some of the things you need to keep in mind if you are self-editing your dissertation. While you edit your dissertation, you are placing yourself in the shoes of an editor; thus, it is important to maintain some level of objectivity. Self-editing requires you to approach your document with a new lens so that the errors can be done away with effectively. As a fellow editor, I hope the article has equipped you with the necessary tips and tricks for editing your dissertation.




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