1. Not prioritizing the Thesis Statement:

  • This is the correct way of writing the above thesis statement: Community service should be required of high school students before graduation since it teaches them how to make a difference in the world.
  • This was corrected by responding to the question, “Why?” What is the reason for my judgement?” The response is then completed by adding the word “because.”
  • Always question yourself how and why before making a general claim about what something is.
  • Always make your thesis statement engaging and clear.

2. Repeating same points or the introduction:

  • An effective essay conclusion should include an intriguing remark about what the essay demonstrated or concluded, as well as some fresh ideas for the reader.
  • Raise more questions, consider more implications, or close your article with an interesting quotation.
  • Never begin your conclusion by saying, “In conclusion.” When readers realize that this is your final paragraph, they will understand that this can only be the end of your essay.

3. Not having enough evidence or facts to support your thesis:

  • Before you choose a thesis statement, look for proof and support. Many people don’t devote enough time to the prewriting stage. As a result, they do not assess their subject to determine whether there is evidence to back up their statements.
  • Before you commit to writing an essay on a topic, look for references.
  • You shouldn’t create an academic essay on a topic about which you can’t locate facts and supporting information.
  • At the same time do not give too much information or facts. You should know how to balance.

4. Complex structure:

  • Excessive sentences and words should be avoided.
  • Keep the essay’s main point in mind.
  • In the essay, use simple constructions.
  • To incorporate the information you wish to express, use simple sentences.

5. Lack of original ideas:

6. Wrong formatting:

  • Select the appropriate style and format.
  • Pay attention to the following details: paper size, font size, page numbers, margins, and spaces.
  • Adhere to the general guidelines and directions.

7. Plagiarism:

  • Make a list of the sources you’re using.
  • Cite instances from the literature, scientific papers, and other sources.
  • Make sure you cite the source of the concept you’re using.
  • Never use a quote as your own sentence.

8. Not proofreading and editing the essay:

  • Ensure that your information is relevant to your primary points and thesis statement. Also, make sure the essay has a logical writing structure and that the writing flows properly.
  • If you don’t know how to assess if your material is solid and well-organized, the best option would be to avail yourself of editing and proofreading services with someone who can read your early draft and provide input.




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