How to Prepare Your Dissertation Defense?

How to Prepare your Dissertation Defense?

What is a dissertation defense?

How to organize your dissertation defense?

Preparing a defense for your dissertation

Preparing a defense for your dissertation

1. Start with your presentation slides

  • Start with your title slide: Your title slide should include your name, your credentials, as well as the topic for your research.
  • Indicate table of contents: This will help you gain an idea about how you could pan out your presentation. If you are going with the structure of your dissertation, you could include the sections on your dissertation in this slide.
  • Outline key ideas: Remember your slides, like your dissertation, would go through different drafts. So, take this time to have fun and write the points that come to the top of your head under each section.

2. Prepare a rough draft of your presentation

3. Space out your presentation

  • Don’t take too much time on abstract and literature review: Your defense for dissertation is ultimately about conveying your original ideas. Your panel might already know everything you want to outline about the literature review. So, keep it short and precise. Take care to bring out the most relevant points and establish the context but don’t go into detail.
  • State your interest in your research topic: This is something most evaluators what to know. State the relevance of your work and the reason why you have carried out the research. This will tell them that you have identified the gap in research and your motivation in doing so.
  • State the research question: The research question should come up sooner than later. You should be able to state your research question clearly after providing a background of your research. If you have used particular jargon, explicate those as well.
  • Explain the research methods: Take time to detail the way you have carried out your research and clearly indicate the research methodologies you have employed during the course of your dissertation.
  • Outline your findings: You should take the time you require to outline what your research has added to the literature. Draw from this section of your dissertation and be particularly careful in succinctly bringing out your research’s contribution.
  • Touch upon the scope for future research: This tells the panel whether you find any particular relevance to your work. Clearly explain how future research can draw from your work and what are the possible areas of research in your field. If you have any action plan for your research or of any ways your work could impact policy-making in the future, express that.

4. Hold the interest

  • Practice the verbal part: Ultimately, it is important to voice out your presentation and see if the points you are raising go with your style of speaking.
  • Break down sentences that feel too long: Ultimately, you are holding your evaluator’s interest by speech. So, don’t go with everything that reads well on paper. Read out the portions you are going to present and if they are too complicated for the person who is listening to you for the first time, simplify those.
  • Practice your body language: Ultimately, like any other presentation, the one way to perfect it would be to practice. Pay attention to your body language as you are practicing. Work on making a good impression.
  • Make sure the slides align with your verbal presentation: Once you have perfected the verbal part for your defense, make sure that the slides reflect well the highlights of what you are conveying verbally.

Tips to be Better Prepared for your Dissertation Defense

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