How to Write a Thesis Abstract?

How to Write a Thesis Abstract?

Why do we need an abstract?

A thesis is a long piece of work. It takes months, or at times years to compile. It includes pages after pages of important detailed data. A thesis abstract is needed to sum up your research and give the basic information about your work to a curious reader. One can also choose whether to read a complete paper or not depending on the abstract. If the aim and results of your thesis are attractive and have some use for a reader, they will read your thesis. A reader can be enticed into reading the complete thesis by writing an impressionable abstract.

What is a thesis abstract?

A thesis abstract is the essence of a thesis. It summarizes your thesis in a couple of paragraphs. It gives the readers an idea of the thesis.

What is the difference between an abstract and an introduction for a thesis?

While reading what an abstract is, you might have found it a bit similar to a thesis introduction. However close the two might be placed in a thesis, they are not at all alike.

  1. An abstract sums up the entire thesis in a few paragraphs. But an introduction only introduces the thesis topic.
  2. An abstract enumerates the important points from different sections of a thesis (the aim, methodology, results, analysis). The introduction states just the point of the thesis, the context behind it, and other research papers that might have worked on the topic.
  3. The abstract can be used to understand a complete thesis. However, an introduction will just give you a basic idea of the topic that the thesis covers.

The key elements of a thesis abstract are:

  • The aim of your thesis
  • The methods used
  • The results
  • The analysis

How to write perfect thesis abstract?

  • Refer to the guidelines given to you
  • Highlight and note down the important points made by your thesis
  • Make sure you have referred to all the sections of your thesis
  • Write sentences based on the important points
  • Place the sentences in a logical order
  • Form paragraphs
  • Adhere to the word limit given to you and cut out unnecessary details
  • Check your spelling and grammar
  • Read through the abstract to make sure it flows

To Conclude

Your thesis abstract would be crucial in convincing your advisor to believe in your thesis idea. It will show how much your thesis has to offer. A clear and concise abstract would make a difference in getting your thesis idea approved by your professor. Despite being short, an abstract should convey the important points in a thesis. It should give the readers a clear idea of the research with its aims, methodologies, data points, findings, and analysis. Just follow the steps given above to write a good thesis abstract! You are good to go!




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